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It’s the Fourth of July- Happy Independence Day!

Today marks our nation’s Independence Day, 238 years since we adopted the Declaration of Independence, on July4, 1776. Remember your history lessons, and learn a bit more, with a Wiki session.

Family, friends and all fine citizens of these United States of America, I raise my glass to you! Now, off to a pool to enjoy THE birthday party!


Old Glory at NASA- Kennedy Space CenterNASA- Kennedy Space Center


Pool party!

Sometimes,  last minute plans are the best! An afternoon pool and grilling session was just what we needed to chase the blahs away. In addition to adding a hint of color to my pale complexion we discovered a ridiculous method of customizing acrylic stemware. Aww summertime…Splash!Splash!

SWNN camping trip/ 1st Annual Nude Art Fair

It has been far too long since the last post! Memorial Day weekend found me at The Ranch again with the fine crew of SWNN for a long weekend of good friends,  hiking and a movie night as we weathered a freak windstorm. The weather was cooler than expected though still extremely pleasant. A great group hike Saturday and a short solo hill climb Sunday helped stretch the legs and enjoy the high desert vistas. Thanks again for a great weekend! Sunset at The RanchSunset at The Ranch

Chilly, wet and gloomy. Hello, Autumn? Meet Arizona!

Yes, from time to time, it happens in the Arizona desert. Rain. Oh, Glorious Rain! Even for a desert this has been a bit of a dry year and precipitation has been a little below the annual average of roughly 8″. The storm system that arrived Thursday evening has brought 2″ of rain to our beloved Valley of the Sun. Flooded freeways, torrents in typically dry washes, demonstrations of pathetic driving skills, enforcement of our Stupid Motorist Law, all par for the course in a region that is more accustomed to tires sticking to melting asphalt than water on the ground.

The plan for this weekend had been to venture northeast to the Wild Horse Ranch territory for the design and implementation of a new trail system. Hike Naked! As it stands, the trip has been postponed until the ground has had a while to dry. Camping in the mud is not my first choice and destroying the dirt roads on the ranch would be unkind to the owners.

There are many events happening around town today so there is no reason for me to sit inside any longer. The large Dutch Brothers hot black coffee is coursing through my veins so lookout, Mother Nature, the bald guy is heading back outside to say hi!


Nude camping at “The Ranch” with the SWNN crew

What a relaxing late October weekend in the high desert of Arizona! A great big thank you to the SWNN crew for the invitation to join them on a private 260 acre ranch. “Primitive” camping was nice and comfortable with the available restroom facilities, outdoor shower and massive fire ring space.

Lounging nude under the warm sun, blue sky, meeting new friends, ridiculously fine dining (family-style sharing), enjoying breathtaking views at sunset, full moonrise and rose colored mountains at sunrise, hiking in rugged granite-studded hills, ATV rides; the list goes on and on…

Here are a few scenes to make you think, “Why wasn’t I there?!?!” and make you want to join us for the next trip!

Camping at "The Ranch"
Views of the camping area from “The Helipad”
Camping at "The Ranch"
Home for the weekend.
Wandering around "The Ranch"
High desert vistas abound.
Hike Naked! at "The Ranch"
Reaching that rocky summit was the objective.
Hiking at "The Ranch"
The summit!
Hiking at "The Ranch"
Admiring the views from the top of the boulders.
Vistas at "The Ranch"
Vistas from the pinnacle.

Bike Naked!

2013-10-03 20.44.42Every now and then an opportunity presents itself and demands to be heard . Such was the case a few nights ago when the weather was perfect, the night was pitch-black and the city was amazingly calm and quiet.
My beach cruiser rolled to the door and that was the queue to get moving. Riding past the usual populated areas revealed that most people had already called it an evening; people were few and far between. The occasional fisherman sat along the park lakes under the glare of lanterns which otherwise blinded them to anything else around them.
In the shadow of a ramada and mesquite tree I slid out from beneath my t-shirt and shorts, held them to the handlebar and started peddling into the evening. Gliding along a remote stretch of bike path past a distant condo complex a young couple playing tennis caught the slightest glimpse of movement, squinting as they looked in my direction and gave a friendly wave as the realized it was bicyclist passing nearby. I waved back and they continued their match.
Onward I rode, armed with a new sense of confidence and relaxation with a goofy grin on my face. For a good 30-45 minutes the night was mine with only the breeze in my ears keeping me company. Oh, and the one woman walking her dog in a barely there tanktop and running shorts who smiled and asked if I would like her to take my picture… I said, “Why sure, thank you!” What a great night.

SWNN: Camping Trip 10/19-10/20

This looks to be another fun weekend in the Arizona desert! Have I mentioned how much love this state? Opportunities such as this, in mid-October, don’t  happen in most places around our country. Sun, fun, smiling faces and NO TAN LINES!

As shared by the friendly crew at SWNN,



 PLAN TO ARRIVE DURING DAYLIGHT!  If any of the SWNN members have ATVs, they should consider bringing them along.  Lots of trails to ride at Wild Horse Ranch… naked!  There is plenty of room to walk about the grounds as well, for those that would rather enjoy the quiet serenity of the great outdoors.  Google Map coordinates; 34.893 N, 113.517 W  (about 150 miles from 17th Ave/Union Hills area to property camp site)12 miles North of Wikieup on Hwy 93 then 15 miles East from Hwy 93 on dirt roads “up the hill.”


Take Highway 93 South toward Wikieup from I-40.  After mile marker 111, look for Lower Trout Creek Road intersection to the East, left side of the highway.  The rest of the route is dirt road  (see LOWER TROUT CREEK ROAD below.)


Take Highway 93 North from Wikieup to Lower Trout Creek Road, just a bit past mile marker 112, turning to the right, East.  The rest of the route is dirt road.


Follow Lower Trout Creek Road (2.4 mi.) going left, right and right onto Trout Creek Road, also signed as “Bogle Ranch Road.”  Follow main road (no off shoots) crossing Big Sandy Wash, 6.7 miles to Olo Pass Road  on the right.  You should see a wooden sign at that intersection.  Go right at that sign and follow Olo Pass for 1.7 miles to a gate on the left, it is just past a ranch windmill also on the left.  Proceed left into the property .1 mile (176 yards) to the community area for check-in and camp site welcome.

We will put out pink & blue ribbons at all road choices and periodically to encourage your progress.  PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AFTER SUNSET!  It is hard enough in the daylight.  If you feel you need even more specific directions, write to Lynn ( ) or Joel ( ) and they will be happy to help you.  Let Joel know as well if you want to car-pool (both looking for a ride, or providing one for others!)

Pack it in, pack it out… normal camping etiquette.  There is water available and outdoor toilets if you are only tent camping.  The central camping area has a large fire ring and we will make full use of that.  The ranch facility has a target shooting range which we will make use of Saturday afternoon, for those that enjoy that activity.  There are a number of “off-road” trails in the area for those that have ATVs and would enjoy a naked ride within this 240 acre private property.  Sight-seeing tours will be suggested for those that need direction.  Free spirits are assumed to be responsible hikers with proper equipment and ability for the environment.

Since this is the first time SWNN has visited this location, we will want to photo-document the many ways we enjoy being nude here.  Please consider being an energetic participant.  Understand that we will NOT TAKE PHOTOS of you if you let us know your preference to that effect in advance!   This property is off-the-grid and wonderful chillaxin’ around the fire and star gazing on clear nights.


The weather is about 5 degrees cooler than whatever Phoenix is experiencing for highs, but has more breezes, interesting weather and cooler night temps by about 15 degrees.   The lack of city lights and sounds allow great stargazing and nature awareness.  The size of the property and remoteness allows many hiking and local archaeological trips.




Mira Vista Resort with friends

What a great way to spend a Saturday! Saying hi to familiar faces and meeting new smiles at the Tucson-area Mira Vista Resort, an historic clothing-optional resort, was yet another reminder why I enjoy nudism. This weekend was my first visit to the former dude ranch and my only disappointment is that took so long  for me to get get my procrastinating but down there. What a great location for the amazing True Nudists team to select for an event! Spirited pool volleyball, relaxation in the heated soaking pool, good conversation under the fabric canopy of the massive ramada… Exactly what I needed! The upscale accommodations and new faces reminds me how I could get used to the resort visits to balance my trips to remote, rugged, wilderness destinations. Next time will include booking a room so I can enjoy the evening festivities and a frosty, hoppy beverage. Thanks again to both the staff at Mira Vista and to the team at!