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It’s the Fourth of July- Happy Independence Day!

Today marks our nation’s Independence Day, 238 years since we adopted the Declaration of Independence, on July4, 1776. Remember your history lessons, and learn a bit more, with a Wiki session.

Family, friends and all fine citizens of these United States of America, I raise my glass to you! Now, off to a pool to enjoy THE birthday party!


Old Glory at NASA- Kennedy Space CenterNASA- Kennedy Space Center


SWNN camping trip/ 1st Annual Nude Art Fair

It has been far too long since the last post! Memorial Day weekend found me at The Ranch again with the fine crew of SWNN for a long weekend of good friends,  hiking and a movie night as we weathered a freak windstorm. The weather was cooler than expected though still extremely pleasant. A great group hike Saturday and a short solo hill climb Sunday helped stretch the legs and enjoy the high desert vistas. Thanks again for a great weekend! Sunset at The RanchSunset at The Ranch

Nude camping at “The Ranch” with the SWNN crew

What a relaxing late October weekend in the high desert of Arizona! A great big thank you to the SWNN crew for the invitation to join them on a private 260 acre ranch. “Primitive” camping was nice and comfortable with the available restroom facilities, outdoor shower and massive fire ring space.

Lounging nude under the warm sun, blue sky, meeting new friends, ridiculously fine dining (family-style sharing), enjoying breathtaking views at sunset, full moonrise and rose colored mountains at sunrise, hiking in rugged granite-studded hills, ATV rides; the list goes on and on…

Here are a few scenes to make you think, “Why wasn’t I there?!?!” and make you want to join us for the next trip!

Camping at "The Ranch"
Views of the camping area from “The Helipad”
Camping at "The Ranch"
Home for the weekend.
Wandering around "The Ranch"
High desert vistas abound.
Hike Naked! at "The Ranch"
Reaching that rocky summit was the objective.
Hiking at "The Ranch"
The summit!
Hiking at "The Ranch"
Admiring the views from the top of the boulders.
Vistas at "The Ranch"
Vistas from the pinnacle.

Bike Naked!

2013-10-03 20.44.42Every now and then an opportunity presents itself and demands to be heard . Such was the case a few nights ago when the weather was perfect, the night was pitch-black and the city was amazingly calm and quiet.
My beach cruiser rolled to the door and that was the queue to get moving. Riding past the usual populated areas revealed that most people had already called it an evening; people were few and far between. The occasional fisherman sat along the park lakes under the glare of lanterns which otherwise blinded them to anything else around them.
In the shadow of a ramada and mesquite tree I slid out from beneath my t-shirt and shorts, held them to the handlebar and started peddling into the evening. Gliding along a remote stretch of bike path past a distant condo complex a young couple playing tennis caught the slightest glimpse of movement, squinting as they looked in my direction and gave a friendly wave as the realized it was bicyclist passing nearby. I waved back and they continued their match.
Onward I rode, armed with a new sense of confidence and relaxation with a goofy grin on my face. For a good 30-45 minutes the night was mine with only the breeze in my ears keeping me company. Oh, and the one woman walking her dog in a barely there tanktop and running shorts who smiled and asked if I would like her to take my picture… I said, “Why sure, thank you!” What a great night.

Labor Day Weekend

Hi all! I hope you’re enjoying a much deserved three-day weekend! What are your plans… A trip to the high country, lake, tubing the river, maybe a little backyard bbq and pool action? For the first time in years I’m not up north in the aspen and blue spruce to relax in the cool temperatures but am excited that most of the Phoenix population outdoorsy crowd is up there so I can enjoy nude solitude closer to home. Local trails looked deserted earlier today so I will get up early to see what awaits my footprints. For now, I’m happy to be lounging around the yard and catching some sun between the big, puffy clouds that are rolling in for what looks to be a great show this evening. Cheers!