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Chilly, wet and gloomy. Hello, Autumn? Meet Arizona!

Yes, from time to time, it happens in the Arizona desert. Rain. Oh, Glorious Rain! Even for a desert this has been a bit of a dry year and precipitation has been a little below the annual average of roughly 8″. The storm system that arrived Thursday evening has brought 2″ of rain to our beloved Valley of the Sun. Flooded freeways, torrents in typically dry washes, demonstrations of pathetic driving skills, enforcement of our Stupid Motorist Law, all par for the course in a region that is more accustomed to tires sticking to melting asphalt than water on the ground.

The plan for this weekend had been to venture northeast to the Wild Horse Ranch territory for the design and implementation of a new trail system. Hike Naked! As it stands, the trip has been postponed until the ground has had a while to dry. Camping in the mud is not my first choice and destroying the dirt roads on the ranch would be unkind to the owners.

There are many events happening around town today so there is no reason for me to sit inside any longer. The large Dutch Brothers hot black coffee is coursing through my veins so lookout, Mother Nature, the bald guy is heading back outside to say hi!