Labor Day Weekend

Hi all! I hope you’re enjoying a much deserved three-day weekend! What are your plans… A trip to the high country, lake, tubing the river, maybe a little backyard bbq and pool action? For the first time in years I’m not up north in the aspen and blue spruce to relax in the cool temperatures but am excited that most of the Phoenix population outdoorsy crowd is up there so I can enjoy nude solitude closer to home. Local trails looked deserted earlier today so I will get up early to see what awaits my footprints. For now, I’m happy to be lounging around the yard and catching some sun between the big, puffy clouds that are rolling in for what looks to be a great show this evening. Cheers!


Lazy weekend

Not the most action-packed weekend but I still found time to bake in the sunny 106° backyard and recharge my batteries. Yard work has to get done, right? More planning and design for the beach-resort-bar concept… It is coming to life in my head, is starting to take shape on paper and will be an even better reason to stay outside!

World record Skinny Dip 2013

Did we make it?!?! Today at 1pm local time was the world record skinny dip attempt sponsored by AANR, American Association for Nude Recreation. We were hoping to have 300 people in the two pools at Shangri La Ranch today and the turnout was excellent! It has been far too long since my last visit to Shangri La and I had a great time. Good friends, refreshing pools, and smiles everywhere!

The results should be posted in the next few days so check back to see if we beat the record set in 2010!

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